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an application.

Birth Date:
10 Favorite Bands:
Tragedy/HHIG (hc)
Unearth (hc)
The Bled (hc)
Earth Crisis (hc)
saetia (screamo)
Cursive (wussrock)
Rainer Maria (wussrock)
Talib Kweli (hiphop)
dead prez (hiphop)
immortal technique (hiphop)
(there are others, i'm just tryin' to spread it over the different genre's i enjoy)

Best concert you've been to and why:
Either Unearth in spokane a few months ago or Against Me! and No-Fi Soul Rebellion in Missoula a year or two ago. It was obvious the bands were having a good time.

Tattoos or piercings?: fuck no.

Natural and dyed hair color: dark brown, but i dye it occasionally with a low-level black that will fade to something inbetween my dark brown and blck.

Hobbies: guitar, photography, kickin' ass and chewing bubble gum.

5 Favorite Movies:
Leolo (1992) by Jean-Claude Lauzon
Street of Crocidiles (1986) by Stephen and Timothy Quay
Lost Highway (1997) David Lynch
Jesus Christ Super Star (1973) by Norman Jewison
Neco z Alenky aka Alice (1988) by Jans Svankmajer

Instruments you can play: guitar, drums, bass guitar, throat, a little piano

Instruments you wish you could play: i would love to play the piano better

Guilty pleasure band that no one knows you like: i am in no way guilty about listening to Queen, Tatu, and Dashboard confessional on a regular basis.

And post NO MORE than Five pictures of yourself...

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