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Hey boys and girls, Megan here, just thought I'd do the application dealie so you get to know your mods up close and personal *wink wink*...

Name: Megan
Birth Date:11/17/1983
Location: Montana (I know, we don't HAVE a scene)
10 Favorite Bands: Alkaline Trio, Sugarcult, Bayside, Fall Out Boy, Letter Kills, Kevin Devine, Sahara Hotnights, The Sounds, Taking Back Sunday, and Yellowcard
Best concert you've been to and why: Fall Out Boy with Armor for Sleep, Bayside, and Name Taken. We had an awesome vantage point, and I was right up in Pete Wentz's face when he came to the left side of the stage. It was sweet, I went with one of my best friends and we stayed out of the pit and got great pictures.
Tattoos or piercings?: Ears and center of lip, tomorrow I'm getting my nose done
Natural and dyed hair color: Naturally it's dark dirty blonde, now it's really dark mahogany with black streaks. It's been blue, pink, and cherry red in the last year.
Hobbies: Art, photography, videography, cutting and dying my hair, or the hair of anyone brave enough to let me at their locks.
5 Favorite Movies: American Beauty, American Psycho, Requiem for a Dream, Edward Scissor Hands, and SLC Punk
Instruments you can play: Played Flute in high school
Instruments you wish you could play: Paino, guitar, mandolin
Guilty pleasure band that no one knows you like: AEROSMITH! I was the biggest Aerodork in high school and I nearly got a big set of Aerosmith wings on my back... aaaand that's why I haven't gotten a tattoo yet because I can't help remembering how much I would have regretted that one haha.
And post NO MORE than Five pictures of yourself...
5. * Jumper Ink is my t-shirt company, that's Ben Harper from Yellowcard at Warped Tour.
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