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Even though I was one of the first ten, I guess this is kind of a way to say 'hi', so um, here's my app. :]

name: Jen[n]a ( either one. )
bday: 12 . 23 . 85
location: Virginia Beach, Va
10 bands: denali, the new amsterdams, brand new, taking back sunday, radiohead, coheed&cambria, anti-flag, straylight run, the mars volta, onelinedrawing
best concert: um, that would be the anatomy of the ghost show, with a whole lot of local bands @ the [ not-so ] wonderful norva. musically speaking, there have probably been better shows, but um, there was rum involved, and a johnny-depp look alike crush friend who was with me. so good times were had.
tattoos &/or peircings: :| im a loser, only my ears, two in one, three in the other. though, later this week im going to go get my first tattoo. any word from the experienced on how bad it hurts?
naturual and dyed hair color: not really sure about my natural color anymore. i've been changing it since about, sixth grade. i'm pretty sure it's dark red, though. now it's dyed blonde, and has been everything you can think of.
hobbies: my fandoms keep me busy ( johnny depp, buffy, harry potter ) as well as my political activism ( anarchism ) other than that, i write, a lot, and sing, also a lot.
five favorite movies: not counting things that are a series ( HP, LotR ) and every johnny movie ever made ( heh. ) that would be:
donnie darko
10 things i hate about you
rocky horror picture show
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
the nightmare before christmas, because tim burton is one of many gods. ( yes, before the tenth anniversary 'hype'. i've liked it since 2nd grade )
instruments you can play: piano by ear since i was three, have taken lessons since fifth grade. and i'm learning ( 6 mos ) to play guitar.
instruments you wish you could play: i wish my guitar learning process moved quicker.
guilty pleasure band: when feeling sad over a certain boy, avril lavigne - im with you, sounds kind of okay

pictures: I don't have five! :o

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